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Camper FAQs

  1. What is a typical day at Camp like?

    We start off our day at Flag Pole with a roll call of the cabins. We have announcements, sing songs, and get ready for the day! It is a time to celebrate each new morning with a little craziness and silliness thrown to start the day! Then we are on to Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.!

    After breakfast and cabin clean-up (where each cabin competes to win the "Golden Plunger" Award) morning activities begin. Each day you will have 2 activity periods before lunch that you will attend with your cabin group. You may go canoeing, or to arts & crafts, each day's adventure is different. Lunchtime is at noon and we have music time prior to heading back to our cabins for "Happy Nappy". In the afternoon you will have 2 more activity periods… swimming anyone? Dinner is at 6:00pm. Each night we have a different all camp adventure such as a carnival, games, or dance. Lights out is at 9:30 or 10:00 pm depending on your age.

  2. What will I eat at Camp?

    There are three full meals served everyday:
    Cereal, toast, fruit, milk, juices are available every morning; in addition there is a different hot meal such as scrambled eggs and bacon, or pancakes and syrup!
    A different hot meal is available each day that includes both a meat and a vegetarian choice. There is always a salad bar with all the fixings!
    We have a scheduled snack time each afternoon, but snacks are available anytime during the day or evening - just ask your counselor and she or he will make sure you get a bite to eat between meals.

    If you have allergies or cannot eat certain foods because of diet needs or religious reasons, we make sure that the cook and counselors know this before your session begins. There will always be something tasty to keep you fueled for the day's activities.

  3. Who will take care of me?

    You will have 2-3 counselors who will live with you in the cabin. They are there to make sure you are safe, have fun, and to be your friend. There are also other program volunteers, doctors, and nurses that will be there during the week to help care for you.

  4. Where will I sleep?

    You will stay in a cabin with 10-11 other campers your own age and your counselors. Each cabin has bunk beds. When you arrive at camp you will move into your cabin, this gives your parents an opportunity to meet your counselors and other campers, and help you set up your bunk.

  5. What's there to do for fun?

    Camp has a ton of fun activities like…arts & crafts, archery, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, challenge course, music, dancing, volleyball, basketball, and many more.

  6. Will there be kids like me at Camp?

    All of the kids at camp have been touched by cancer in some way. They may have cancer themselves or have had cancer in the past. They may be a brother or sister of someone who has or had cancer. Whether a camper looks healthy, or is bald, or is grieving the loss of their brother or sister, we are all part of the same Camp iHope family. No one is singled out as different, and everyone understands where you have been.

  7. What should I bring to Camp?

    You will need a sleeping bag or twin sheets, pillows, towels, clothes for the week, swimsuit, and closed toe shoes. Once accepted, you will receive a full list of what to pack.


    radios, cell phones, game boys, iPods, weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs.

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