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Parent FAQs

  1. Who can come to Camp iHope?

    Children with cancer and up to two of their siblings ages 7-16 who are treated at Medical City Children's Hospital are eligible to come to Camp iHope.

    How do you decide who comes to Camp iHope?

    All applications are reviewed by the camp director and camp medical director. If camp space is limited, decisions about acceptance are based on proximity to initial diagnosis, needs of the child, and paperwork completed fully and turned in on time.

  2. What does it cost for a child to go to Camp?

    There is no cost to attend. Your only cost will be transporting your child to and from Camp.

  3. Who will take care of my child?

    Each cabin group has 2-3 counselors assigned to care for your child. Our staff undergoes a strict interview and screening process that includes references and background checks prior to being chosen as a counselor. In addition the staff receives training in safety, child development, behavioral techniques, cultural awareness, and medical/psychosocial issues faced by campers. Counselors are chosen from all walks of life based on their experience, enthusiasm, and caring.

  4. Where do the children stay?

    Campers stay in air-conditioned cabins with other children their own age and gender. Each cabin has approximately 10-11 campers with 2-3 counselors.

  5. May I visit or talk to my child while he/she is at Camp?

    We have found that talking to home often causes or increases homesickness. Because of this we do not have children call home during their time at camp, nor do we have parents visit during the camp session. If you want to check in to see how your child is doing, please contact the camp director or the camp nurse to get an update. You can also log on to our photo site and see pictures of what your child is experiencing.

  6. Who provides medical care for my child?

    Medical/nursing staff is provided by Medical City Children's Hospital and Texas Oncology. When you drop your child off you will have the opportunity to review medications and any special needs with the MedShed staff.

  7. Do I need to bring my child's medical supplies?

    YES! Please send all medications and supplies to camp with your child. Make sure you send enough to last the entire time your child is at camp. Please ensure that:

    • All medications are in the original prescription bottles.
    • All medications are clearly labeled with up-to-date instructions for administration.
    • Refrigerated medications are transported to and from camp in a small portable cooler for travel.
    • All medications, supplies and medical devices are labeled with the camper's name (central line supplies, wheelchairs, nebulizers, etc.)
    • All medications and directions are turned in at camp check-in.
    • Please notify us if your child will be receiving chemotherapy at camp.

  8. What happens if my child gets sick at Camp?

    If your child gets sick at camp he/she will be evaluated at camp by the physician and nurses. Minor medical problems (cuts, sore throats, chiggers, sprains, vomiting, etc.) are handled at camp. Emergency medical care is provided as needed (IV antibiotics for fever, pain medications, IV fluids, etc.) If necessary, children are transported to Medical City Children's Hospital for further care. You will be notified by camp medical staff regarding any significant medical issues.

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