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CIT Program Information

Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

Purpose:  To enhance the skills learned as a LIT, to educate and train young men and women to become effective leaders and to learn about the Cabin Counselor Role at Camp iHope

By the end of the program, all participating CITs will have:
•    Observed a variety of different activity areas
•    Observed appropriate counselor/staff interaction with campers
•    Assisted with cabin duties
•    Assisted with administrative, programming and general staff duties 
•    Actively participated in daily discussions/meetings 
•    Observed Counselor Meetings
•    Planned and executed a service project

CITs   will reach these objectives by the following means:
•    Shadowing and  assisting staff
•    Observing staff teaching and coaching techniques
•    Participating  in activities, special events, trips, support services, cabin living, and meetings
•    Discussions/seminars with fellow CITs, mentors, and supervisors
•    Participating in the planning, design, and execution of a service project
•    Evaluation, feedback, and assessment from peers, supervisors, and self

The CIT role at camp is to further develop the skills you’ve learned as an LIT and apply them in actual camper experiences.  CITs will sometimes participate in a similar capacity as a full staff member, they will have less responsibility supervising campers with the emphasis on learning and training.

•    Campers Come First! Set a good example by being a positive role model.
•    Assist Camp Counselors with daily activities
•    Assist with programming, administrative or general activities 

•    Associate with campers NOT other CIT’s unless otherwise specified
•    Be punctual, attend and be an active part of all camp activities, participants must be able to:
o    Abide by all rules, policies and procedures
o    Treat all campers equally, there should be no favorites
o    Be cooperative with the head counselors, your peers, and the campers.
o    Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude
Specific Duties
•    Assist counselors in managing campers 
•    Provide a good example
•    Help counselors and children by helping to keep track of their belongings
•    Help counselors get the campers to activity and lunch areas
•    Help/Remind campers to fill up their water bottles throughout the day
•    Contribute ideas to improve the program
•    Report any unsafe actions by children or other CITs to the Counselors
•    Assist in cleaning and disposing of trash, cabin clean up, dining hall clean up
•    Demonstrate ability to accept supervision and guidance
•    Demonstrate good character, integrity, and adaptability
•    Set a good example for campers and others, including cleanliness, punctuality, sharing duties, cleanup after meals
•    Respect each camper for their uniqueness

Assume additional responsibilities as assigned by CIT Coordinator, Camp Directors, 

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